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Continuing on from Claire Larritt-Evans’ Q&A, Claire has shared some of her top tips and tricks which will help transform your bedroom into a place of sanctuary. Reflecting on trends in client requests as well as her personal advice, these are the only tips you’ll need if you are seeking bedroom inspiration. 

Claire Larritt-Evans, image by Amelia Stanwix

Claire Larritt-Evans, image by Amelia Stanwix

A bedroom is a place to relax and bring a sense of calm. In order to have good quality sleep, it is important to ensure our bedroom environment is the ultimate sleep sanctuary. 

Claire recommends directing particular attention to the following aspects…


Lighting needs to perform throughout the day and night. In the morning, it is important to have your bedroom well lit for daily rituals such as dressing or doing your makeup. Further to this, light helps us to wake up naturally and gently. We then need softer lighting for the evening, in order to help us relax and unwind after a long day. Something like A.H. Beard’s Nox Smart Sleep Light will help in the process of falling asleep gently and waking up rejuvenated. Where possible, allow for dimmers on your main lighting to be able to control the output. 

Bedroom styled by Larritt-Evans



There’s something about linen sheets. We specify them in all of our bedrooms, and over time with each wash they get softer and softer. Change your sheets regularly for that fresh feeling! There truly is nothing better than hopping into a bed covered in clean sheets. 


Capture your daily routine 

We are all different, and at night we all choose to unwind in our own way. For some it is reading in bed, while others prefer a long, soothing bath or meditating. We talk to our clients about their habits and always ensure we respond to their individual needs. For example, avid readers have a table lamp that can articulate to deliver perfect night time reading light. If a nightly beauty regime is your thing, then a simple piece of marble on your bedside is a beautiful touch. It can house all your favorite creams so you can have that final indulgence before bed. It really is all about an individual response to the needs of our clients.  

Image by Amelia Stanwix


Window dressings 

Assess the orientation of your room; do you have morning or afternoon sun? I like to have a mixture of blockout blinds and soft linen drapery to be able to control the natural light. I opt for composite linens for window dressings to allow soft light into your space, whilst providing an element of privacy. If we want to create some drama, we reverse it and have bold drenched tones of lush velvet drapes and more translucent rollers. 



Indulge all the senses, including smell. Add an Essential Oil Diffuser (Lemongrass and Ginger is my favourite), a scented candle or a luxurious room spray into your weekly ritual to create a truly personalised space. Lavender is a beautiful smell that is completely relaxing and promotes sleep so it also presents itself as a scent that could be used in an essential oil diffuser or room spray.



I think we would all love to have a constant supply of fresh flowers, but that is indeed a luxury. I keep an Anna Varendorf brass vase next to my bed and on my evening walks I will take a sneaky single stem clipping and place it next to the bed. The same could be done with a recycled glass jar as luxury does not need to be expensive. 

Bedroom styled by Larritt-Evans



We are spoiled to have so many creative artists in Australia and there is art available at every price point. It can also be your kid’s drawings! Art is a fantastic way of layering personality and setting the tone for the feel of the room. I recently acquired a piece from Derek Swawel’s Farnsworth and Miller collection and I love that it connects to the lush greenery outside my window. 


For further information on Claire Larritt-Evans, be sure to indulge in her work on both her website and Instagram.

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