Identifying a unique opportunity to help shine a spotlight on local designers, we have formulated the Designer Series. As a proudly Australian owned and made company, we want to show support and highlight some of Australia’s creative minds

To kick off our Designer Series we spoke with Claire Larritt-Evans, founder of Larritt-Evans, an interior design and styling studio based in Melbourne.

Through our conversations with Claire, we sought to bring the design sphere to life and come to understand some of her inspirations and processes. After being at home for the extensive duration of Melbourne’s lockdowns, Claire redesigned her own bedroom and gained some new insights along the way. In the below Q&A, Claire speaks to both her personal design influences and the way she approaches interior design for her clients.

Image of Claire Larritt-Evans by Amelia Stanwix


What do you design?

Our studio has a strong focus on residential design. In our formative years we designed commercial and hospitality projects, but in recent years we have narrowed our focus to only residential work. We love to work with families as we really get to know them and create homes that authentically reflect them. We like to say that we don’t really have an in-house studio style, more that we love to create a design response unique to each client.


What inspired you to become a designer?

I don’t think I ever trusted my creativity when I was younger, then there was a pivotal change in my mindset when I just couldn’t ignore it anymore. This encouraged me to follow my creativity and become a designer. Simply put, I just could not see myself doing anything else!


How did your experience in Melbourne’s lockdown inspire decisions behind your new bedroom design?  

We live in a modest-sized home, so I had to work from the bay window in my bedroom for most of 2020. The four of us were stationed in different parts of the home for work and remote learning. We really did everything in our bedrooms during working hours, especially during the winter months where being outside was not possible.

In each of my Zoom meetings, I would be trying my hardest not to stare at the view of my bedroom in the background. The time spent working from my bedroom forced me to finally execute a few ideas I had been working on. I began with updating our bedding to luxurious linen sheets by In Bed. I bought a mix of coloured sheet sets in sage green and warm terracotta, then I also added a beautiful boucle bedhead from McMullin & co. I took down all my artworks and rearranged them around the house to help freshen things up. Simple additions like these have made a big difference to the mood of my bedroom.

Image of Boucle bedhead from McMullin & co


What is your favourite part of your bedroom? 

The morning light. We have a gorgeous crepe myrtle in the front yard which casts the most beautiful dappled light through the bay window. Waking up to that simple view of gentle morning light really makes me feel grateful in the mornings.


Do you have bedtime rituals, and did any of these change through lockdown? 

Absolutely. I found I had to meditate much more than usual during lockdown as it brought a sense of calm and completeness to my days. All four of us meditated regularly, and as a result, my children who are 8 and 11 years old have newly inherited healthier sleeping habits.


What aspects of your bedroom design emphasise it as a place of rest? 

Our recent addition of the boucle bedhead has really changed the vibe of the bedroom as it is tactile and really emphasises the bed as a place to relax beyond sleeping. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love my sleep. This simple addition means I can linger for longer in bed, and so much more comfortably. We have a lovely king size bed and the four of us come together as a morning ritual for a cuddle and chat before our day begins.


Have you noticed any changes in bedroom design trends? 

We have moved towards adopting more colour into the bedrooms we design. Paint is such a simple tool we have to help create mood. We always strive to make the bedrooms much more personal and to also deliver a calming mood. Whereas the rest of the home can be more suitable to the whole family, each bedroom really needs to reflect the personality and preferred comforts of each client.

Bedroom styled by Larritt-Evans


What should no bedroom be without? 

  • A comfortable mattress. A good night’s sleep cures all evils and my husband can attest to that. In all seriousness, we now more than ever need to rest and recuperate from the day so it is important to have a mattress that is great quality and can assist with a good night’s sleep.
  • Good lighting. The bedroom needs to deliver different lighting throughout the day. We need clean and bright lighting for the morning when we dress and get ready for the day. At night I prefer low, soft lighting for a gentle getaway to a good night’s rest.

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