Nox Smart Sleep Light

Helps you fall asleep easily and wake up refreshed

The smartest bedside light

The Nox light produces soothing light and sounds to help you fall asleep easily and wake up rejuvenated, ready to take on the day. Nox also monitors the temperature, humidity, light and noise levels in your bedroom, helping you create the ideal conditions for sleep.

Fall asleep more easily

The Nox light produces soothing light and sounds to help you drift off to sleep. Calming red light in the evening increases production of melatonin – your body’s natural sleep hormone.

Wake up naturally

In the morning, Nox will rouse you gently from your slumber with changing colours to simulate the sunrise. Soft yellow gradually changes to bright white to wake you up naturally.

Create the perfect environment for sleep

Nox has built-in sensors that monitor four common sleep disruptors: temperature, humidity, light and noise. This data, when combined with your sleep analysis, helps you understand how your bedroom environment affects your sleep quality, so you can make changes to improve it.

Understand your sleep patterns

Download the Sleep CENTRAL app to easily control the functions of the Nox Light, and view environmental conditions in your bedroom. The Sleep CENTRAL app also monitors your sleep patterns and provides personalised tips to help you improve your sleep quality.

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Sleep Aid

Sleep Advice

Private Consultant

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Intelligent App

Features at a glance
Sleep tracking
Time take to fall asleep & hours slept
Sleep cycle
Body movement
Heart rate
Breath & respiratory rate
95% accuracy
Bedroom environment monitoring
Smart features
Alarm with light & sound
Sleep aid music (available via the SleepNote app for Reston and Dot)
Sleep analysis
Sleep tips
Personalised sleep score

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