Exercising triggers your body’s need to sleep. Research indicates that moderate amounts of exercise helps to relieve stress, and improve your mood. Even 20 minutes of light exercise helps to burn off excess energy if you’ve been sitting in a chair all day. Not only will you sleep more soundly, you’ll also feel more awake during the day. As exercise releases endorphins, you’ll be in top spirits.

Your Challenge

Complete 30 minutes of light to moderate exercise each day. If you’re not already active on a regular basis, here’s a simple plan to ease you into regular exercise.


Start the week with a jog. If you’re not a runner, a 3 – 4 km power walk is a good place to start.


Keep the ball rolling and try a 15 minute strength workout. There’s no need to buy any weights or equipment, start with squats, push-ups, the plank and other abdominal exercises.


Try going for a walk before or after work.


Try getting in the water for a swim or walk. This is especially good if you have joint issues or pain.


Make time in the morning for an activity of your choice. Friday afternoon is a time priorities often change or better offers start popping up!


Maybe you’ve already got plans? Whatever they are, try and build an activity around them – perhaps walk to your chosen destination.

Some tips!

  • The golden hours are 5 – 7pm. These are the best hours for a late workout, as it allows your body temperature to start falling just as you’re getting ready for bed. Just remember to keep it light!
  • There’s nothing wrong with morning exercise, it relieves stress, improves your mood and increases alertness before you start the day.
  • Avoid vigorous exercise in the three hours before bedtime. While exercise does wear you out, and you may expect it to put you in good stead for sleep, a high heart rate close to bedtime will keep you awake. Dropping your body temperature and heart rate is what makes you ready for sleep.


Allocate time

Allocate time for the workout sessions as well as one extra in case something comes up – plan, plan, plan! When it comes to exercise, you can’t wait for the perfect time. For most of us, the will to run or swim doesn’t just pop up out of thin air unfortunately. Keep those legs moving!

Do you have any tips to share? Leave a comment below!

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