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Are you prone to sniffles and sneezes? Here are our quick tips to allergy proof your bedroom:

Keep humidity around 50 percent. You can use a humidifier or dehumidifier depending on your location! Mould thrives in wet, humid places so having a dry and well-ventilated home will keep mould at bay.

Vacuum – your carpet, but also your mattress! Try to get around to vacuuming the carpet twice a week to keep your floor dirt and dust mite free, and your mattress should be vacuumed every 6 months.

Wash your curtains and bedding regularly. Pop it in the washing machine, using hot water (55 degrees or hotter) to kill dust mites. Curtains should be washed every other month, as well as your mattress protector. Bedding should be washed weekly. Soft toys can be frozen overnight to kill dust mites, or you can wash them weekly in hot water.

Keep windows and doors closed. During high-pollen days windows should remain closed to stop pollen from drifting into your room.

Shower before bed. Jump in the shower before bed and put on fresh pyjamas each night. This will help to remove any pollen or dust you may have picked up on your skin or clothes in your day-to-day life.

Keep pets out of the bedroom. Although we love them, their hair and dead skin cells become airborne, triggering an allergic reaction, or sometimes settling into dust.


King Koil bed with Sensitive Choice butterflyMattresses and bedding that carry the Sensitive Choice blue butterfly provide long-term protection against dust mites and bacteria and only A.H. Beard mattresses have whole-of-bed approval from Sensitive Choice.

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This is by far the best mattress I have ever slept on. It was recommended to me by my sister as sleeping on this bed really helped with her back pain. And I can say that it has helped me immensely with my back issues. It is very comfortable and supportive.

Highly recommend this mattress


Central Queensland, via

Multiple purchases have been made, for both family and our rental property. A good night’s sleep is such a basic requirement for health and happiness. A good quality mattress is the foundation.

We will continue to be proud to buy Australian. Well made and THE BEST.


Sydney, via

The last bed we had for 12 years – a queen size A.H. Beard was great so we upgraded to a king size and are very happy with the Grand Harmony plush – great that they are made in Australia.


South Eastern NSW, via

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