At A.H. Beard we believe that sleep, diet and exercise are the three most important pillars of health. We’ve teamed up with Kirsten King from Fluidform Pilates to provide a series of videos that stretch the body and help build functional movement. These videos can all be done at home with no equipment.


 “My afternoon stretch routine focuses on releasing the spine and getting the body into alignment to assist with a good night’s sleep. Stretching your body before bed helps ease and release any tension the body is holding onto from the day and promotes better circulation and muscle relaxation. In the studio, I often get feedback from clients that a stretch before bed has the dual effect of a better night’s sleep and waking up the next morning with their body feeling good and ready for movement!”

– Kirsten King, Fluidform Pilates


Find out more about our collaboration with Kirsten King in the following link. If you would like to do another workout video be sure to try the A.H. Beard x Fluidform Pilates morning workout here.

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