We’ve teamed up with Kirsten King from Fluidform Pilates to provide a series of videos that stretch the body and help build functional movement. This workout is perfect to do in the morning. These videos can all be done at home with no equipment.


I believe that moving the body every day is essential to overall health and better functional movement. It doesn’t need to be time intensive; it can be as simple as a few quick stretches followed by a short Pilates routine which can be completed in under 20 minutes. Getting it done in the morning means you know you’ve ticked that box and can get on with the rest of your day. This video features a few essential stretches that are applicable to nearly everyone,”

– Kirsten King, Fluidform Pilates


Find out more about our collaboration with Kirsten King in the following link. If you would like to do another workout video be sure to try the A.H. Beard x Fluidform Pilates afternoon workout here.

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