Did you know that the positions you sleep in can affect your health and the quality of your sleep?

Your Challenge

  1. Take note of what position you intuitively assume when going to sleep tonight
  2. Take note of what position you’re in when you wake up in the morning

If the two match up, this is your ‘preferred sleeping position’
If they don’t match up, just try again! If they still don’t match up –  no worries, that just means you don’t have a preferred sleeping position!

Stomach sleeper

Sleeping on your stomach is not a preferable sleep position. This position cause strain on your spine and could cause back and neck pain in the future. You’re also putting pressure on your lungs which might affect your breathing. If you really prefer this sleeping position you could try sleeping without a pillow to prevent an awkward angle for your neck.

Back sleeper

Sleeping on your back is a natural sleeping position which is beneficial for rest as you’re not forcing a weird angle on your spine. But make sure you’re not suffering from apnea or snoring because sleeping on your back will only increase those problems.

Side sleeper

Sleeping on your side is the most popular sleeping position, and also the most recommended one. It’s a natural position for your back, it doesn’t affect your breathing and it usually decreases interrupted sleep. Although it could cause temporary arm-numbness, so try avoid sleeping with your arm under the pillow.

Explore the positions

Many of us choose positions that put strains on our bodies, causing pain or apnea. But even if your preferred sleeping position might do more harm than good, it’s never too late to break a bad habit. Try sleeping in all the different positions and see which one benefits you the most!

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