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If the late night or early morning games of the FIFA World Cup has been wreaking havoc on your sleep schedule, here are some of our top tips to help you survive the day after and salvage your sleep.


Survival Mode

  • Let the Sunshine in: Your body clock is intrinsically tied to the schedule of the Earth. Even though it’s only temporary, you can wake yourself up by soaking in some rays.
  • Power nap: Use your lunch break to get a power nap in. 20-minutes is the perfect length of time, any longer and you may fall into a deep sleep that you’ll wake up feeling groggy and disoriented from.
  • Fuel your body the right way: Stay hydrated and give yourself a slow-burning energy boost by having a healthy snack. This means things like leafy greens, fish, eggs, nuts or lentils. Sugary treats will give you a quick boost, but you will crash just as fast.
  • Keep it cool: Pump that AC! Your body will be working to regulate your internal temperature, keeping you alert enough to get through the afternoon. A warm environment will heighten your mental weariness, don’t give your body the chance to self-sabotage!


Salvaging Sleep

Salvage your sleep schedule during this time by repaying your sleep debt and committing to healthier sleep habits.


  • When you have had minimal sleep the night before, go to bed early. Even if it’s only an extra 15 minutes every other night, every minute counts.
  • When you know you will be waking up early to watch a game, get into bed early. If you find yourself too wired to sleep early, do these things to wind down.


Relish the wins, commiserate the losses and enjoy!

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