With temperatures plummeting, it is safe to say that winter is upon us. While we might not gorge, burrow and hibernate like other species, the cooler temperatures do have an impact on our bodies and how we sleep. Here are a few things to keep in mind so you can sleep comfortably throughout the winter months:


Avoid overheating the bedroom

Aside from accumulating some unwanted charges on your electricity or gas bill, cranking up the heat can impact your sleep. In order to fall asleep, our body temperature needs to decrease slightly. The optimal room temperature for sleep is between 18°C and 22°C.


Keep up your exercise routine

While it can be difficult to stay motivated when the mornings are cold and dark and the sun sets much earlier in the evening, regular exercise can improve the quality of your sleep. Even a brisk walk outside during your lunch break will help prevent you from feeling groggy and tired in the mornings.


Eat Well

If you are tempted by hearty comfort foods to warm you in the winter months, be mindful of when you are eating these meals. It’s best to avoid heavy meals close to bedtime, as this requires your body to work hard to digest the food, which can affect the quality of your sleep.


Steer clear of weekend hibernation

It’s tempting to spend cold Sunday mornings curled up under the doona, but this is not doing you any favours when it comes to regulating your weekly sleep schedule. In fact, the more regulated your sleep schedule is on the weekends, the easier it will be for you to sleep well during the work week.


Get some morning sunshine 

It’s important to expose yourself to natural light as close to waking as possible to increase your body temperature, energy levels and alertness. The full-spectrum light that the sun emits starts your body clock and boosts your vitamin D production. To motivate yourself to get into the sunlight, treat yourself to a yummy breakfast in the sun.


Opt for breathable linen

Dress your bed with breathable fabrics, such as cotton and flannelette, for a more comfortable sleep. In addition to helping regulate your temperature through the night, they help avoid dampness that can bring on mould and related allergies. For extra protection against allergies and asthma triggers, choose an A.H. Beard mattress. They are approved by the National Asthma Council’s Sensitive Choice program, as they provide long  term protect against dust mites, mould and bacteria, so you can breathe and sleep easy.

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