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If you’re not familiar with brain fog you are not human. We’ve all had those mornings where we’ve stumbled out of the house, confused, forgetful and seemingly lost. Perhaps you’ve written it off as feeling ‘off’ or having a bad morning, but often it’s due to lack of sleep. When you’re rested, your brain is primed to perform at its best. You’ll be able to think more clearly, be more productive and make better decisions. Get ahead of the game and say goodbye to brain-fog by getting the right amount of shut-eye.


Sleep deprivation interferes with brain cells’ functioning capabilities

A study by UCLA has shown that the ability of cells to communicate effectively with one another is severely compromised when sleep is withheld. Basically, your brain and body can’t communicate effectively within itself!


Sleep deprivation disrupts hormone levels

During periods of sleep deprivation, the body will increase its production of cortisol, the stress hormone, by up to 45%. Chronic levels of stress can actually damage your brain!


How does sleep keep me sharp?


You’re more likely to make good decisions

When you are rested your brain makes decisions based on logic and tangible information, whilst keeping in mind how the outcomes may affect any personal goals. A recent study has shown that sleep-deprivation increases risky behaviour and decision-making based on immediate gain, rather than long-term prosperity.


Store and recall information easily

Sleep is essential to the acquisition, storage and recollection of memories. When you’re well-rested you absorb, learn and recall information efficiently. During quality restful sleep, your brain will convert these lessons and information into long-term memories that you can remember up to 6 weeks later. Next time you’re learning a new skill or cramming for a test, try having a sleep afterward to help you retain your newfound knowledge.


Improve your focus and reaction time!

Not only is your memory given a boost while you sleep, but going into the day well rested will make it easier to stay attentive to your work, digest new information and work well. When you are alert, your brain has the space to explore and really delve into tasks, making meaningful progress.


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