Hand tufted by master craftsmen

A premium damask fabric is hand tufted to a sumptuous layer of premium natural fibres that creates a luxurious first impression.

Unrivalled support

Each spring is wrapped in its own calico pocket, then arranged by hand in a nested configuration. This leaves no gaps yet allows each spring to move independently and contour to the shape of your body. Individually encased springs also minimise motion transfer, promoting a more restful, undisturbed sleep. Thousands of lightweight Titanium alloy springs adapt to your body’s contours to relieve pressure and provide luxurious, cradling comfort.

Crafted from Nature’s Best

Layers of premium Australian natural fibres provide luxurious softness, resilience and natural temperature regulation, for a restful sleep year round.

Under the covers

Your Signature Sovereignty mattress features top of the line technology, craftsmanship and materials.

  • Premium damask Tencel® & Organic Cotton Fabric

    Soft, breathable fabric made from Tencel® and organic cotton naturally draws heat and moisture away from your body to keep you sleeping comfortably. Tencel® is made from the fibres of sustainably grown eucalypts and is biodegradable at its end of life. Organic cotton is chemical free and Global Organic Textile Standard certified.

  • Micro Comfort Coils – 2 Tiers

    Conforms to your shape to provide superior comfort and pressure-relief while minimising partner disturbance.

  • Wool, Cotton and Merino Natural Fibres

    Merino wool is exquisitely soft, skin-friendly, cotton is breathable and durable, and wool helps to naturally regulate body temperature to keep you sleeping comfortably. These fibres are combined for a perfectly balanced sleep.

  • Traditional Hand Tufting

    Traditional Hand Tufting ensures the components work in unison, contouring to the body to maximise comfort, support, and durability.

  • Premium Damask Tencel® Fabric

    A fabric renowned for its softness. Tencel® is made from the fibres of sustainably grown eucalyptus and is biodegradable as its end of life.

  • Grand Nested Pocket Support System

    Hand sewn pocket springs that fill every square centimetre of the mattress, nested together to provide a support system that encourages natural spinal alignment and minimises partner disturbance.


Long Single

Ideal for one person when space is at a premium.

King Single

Ideal for growing children, teens and mature single sleepers.


Cosy for two sleepers, roomy for one.


Ideal for couples and the bed size most commonly sold


A king size bed gives extra space for sleeping and relaxation

Super King

This beauty gives a massive luxury feel and look to your spacious bedroom

Sizes shown are in mm. Length x width.
Comfort options
  • Plush

    These soft yet supportive mattresses let you sink into them and gently cradle your body.

  • Firm

    A firm mattress is perfect for heavier sleepers or stomach sleepers who need extra support.

Accreditations & endorsements
  • Proudly Australian Made

    A.H. Beard mattresses are proudly manufactured in Australia by passionate employees who are committed to helping you get a great night’s sleep, night after night. The famous Australian Made logo is the true mark of Aussie authenticity. It is Australia’s most trusted, recognised and widely used country of origin symbol, and is underpinned by a third-party accreditation system, which ensures products that carry the logo are certified as ‘genuinely Australian’.

  • Sustainably dispose of your old mattress

    A.H. Beard is a proud partner of Soft Landing mattress recycling. Soft Landing is a social enterprise currently operating in NSW (Sydney and the Illawarra), VIC (Melbourne), ACT (Hume and surrounds) and WA (Wangara and surrounds). They divert waste mattresses from landfill and recover the components for recycling and reuse.

    Through deconstructing and recycling mattresses they offer entry level training and employment to people who experience significant barriers to work, including Indigenous Australians, the long term unemployed, people experiencing mental health issues and those leaving the prison system (or with a criminal record).

Support & guarantee
  • A.H. Beard has been setting the standard for quality bedding since 1899. However in the unlikely event that a product fails to meet our high standards, A.H. Beard offers a guarantee to the original purchaser to repair the product against faulty workmanship and materials for a period of fifteen years.

    Before purchasing, please read and understand the terms of our guarantee.

    We offer extensive locally based self-serve, live chat, email and phone support to assist with any questions or concerns you might have. We don’t offer change-of-mind returns but can adjust mattress support levels after purchase for a nominal fee. Please read our bed care and guarantee document for further information.

Frequently asked questions
  • Do you wake up achy? Perhaps your current mattress lacks the Support you need!

    Everyone needs support, and there are different types. If you have a partner, look for a mattress that will provide you both with the individual support you need, even if you are a different shape or size. Always look for a mattress that keeps your back aligned while sleeping and relieves pressure points along your spine and joints.

  • Do you sleep hot or cold? Let’s talk temperature

    Does temperature disrupt your sleep? If so, look for a mattress that has a cooling fabric treatment and/or breathable components to help you sleep more comfortably.

  • Do you toss and turn? You’ll need Pressure Relief

    Pressure is what causes us to toss and turn. Your mattress needs to have sufficient comfort materials on top of the support system to eliminate pressure points. This will be described in terms of foam and latex, which will vary in each mattress. Best way to find out if a mattress will suit you? Lie down!

  • Do you share a bed with a partner?

    If you’re sharing your bed with a partner, buy the biggest size you can afford that will fit in your bedroom. Also look for a mattress that absorbs motion to minimise partner disturbance, so you don’t get woken up every time your partner rolls over.

  • What is your comfort preference?

    There are lots of different types of mattresses available – from innerspring to memory foam and latex, and each one feels different. Make sure you try the different types, and in different feels – from firm to plush – to find your personal comfort preference.

  • Are you an asthma or allergy sufferer?

    If so, look for mattresses that carry the Sensitive Choice blue butterfly. They provide long term protection against dust mites, mold and other allergens. A.H. Beard are the only business able to provide whole-of-bed approval from Sensitive Choice.

Complement your mattress


Pillows are an integral part of any sleep system, working together with your mattress to deliver a better night’s sleep.

Smart sleep tech

Not sure how much quality sleep you’re getting? Monitor, track and analyse your sleep patterns with our smart sleep solutions.

Bases & headboards

A durable and supportive foundation for your new mattress. Choose from a wide range of fabrics and finishes to complement your bedroom decor.

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This is by far the best mattress I have ever slept on. It was recommended to me by my sister as sleeping on this bed really helped with her back pain. And I can say that it has helped me immensely with my back issues. It is very comfortable and supportive.

Highly recommend this mattress


Central Queensland, via productreview.com.au

Multiple purchases have been made, for both family and our rental property. A good night’s sleep is such a basic requirement for health and happiness. A good quality mattress is the foundation.

We will continue to be proud to buy Australian. Well made and THE BEST.


Sydney, via productreview.com.au

The last bed we had for 12 years – a queen size A.H. Beard was great so we upgraded to a king size and are very happy with the Grand Harmony plush – great that they are made in Australia.


South Eastern NSW, via productreview.com.au

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