Sleep deprivation is one our most important health issues. To be sleep-deprived means you are getting less sleep than your body needs to feel energetic and alert throughout the day. Sleep is critical to your health and if you’re not getting enough sleep regularly, your physical, mental and emotional health will suffer. The result of sleep deprivation can be both expensive and worrying.
Are you struggling to grasp how the cost of a tired nation could possibly be $5 billion dollars? This figure takes into account the number of serious accidents leading to increased health care spending as well as cost of lost productivity, which is $3 billion worth.
What does it mean to be sleep deprived?

Sleep deprivation is affecting nearly 30% of our population. The amount of sleep required every night varies from individual to individual and can be determined by age, lifestyle and health. While 7 to 9 hours is a good guideline, some people are fine getting only 6 hours of sleep, and others may need more than 9 hours to feel fully rested. The relevant test is how you feel after waking up and during the day. If you feel tired and lack energy and motivation you may not be getting the quantity or quality of sleep you require.
Are you sleep deprived?

Are you having difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep?

Are waking up too early and not able to get back to sleep?  

Would you rate your sleep quality as poor?  

If you answered yes to one or more statements then you may be suffering from sleep deprivation. Other symptoms includes mood swings, irritability, anxiety, poor concentration and learning and memory difficulties.

Join the 6-week Sleep Challenge

Addressing sleep deprivation can be difficult, but being proactive about sleep is a great way to start. If you think you may be sleep deprived or want to sleep even better, sign up to our 6 Week Sleep Challenge and spend 6 weeks dedicating yourself to improving your sleep.

Join us as we explore ways to look, feel and perform better using the power of sleep!

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