Feeling wide-awake in the middle of the night can be both frustrating and upsetting, but remember, you’re not alone. Over the next few weeks, you’ll get to know some of your fellow sleepy friends as they share their sleep journals online.
Our chosen participants have battled all sorts of sleep problems, and just like you they’re ready to take some serious action to improve their quality of life.
Tailored expert advice
Supported by internationally acclaimed sleep expert Dr Carmel Harrington, you’ll be able to follow their journals and receive expert advice to help improve your sleep. Each week, Dr Carmel will review and comment on our participants journal entries to give them the support they need to succeed along the experiment. Let’s get acquainted!
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Jacqueline wakes up several times a night and is constantly having naps in the afternoon. She is flat and tired, has gained weight and lost touch with the woman she used to be.
“I’m a burnt out fuse. I don’t even like hanging around me. I miss the woman I was.”
Category: Interrupted Sleeper
Mood & Energy: 3/10 
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Jo has been sleep deprived since her menopause started 10 years ago. For Jo, getting to sleep can take hours and can be a painful game of tossing and turning. After gaining weight and losing energy she is ready to turn her life around.
“Sleep is a real problem, as is weight.”
Category: Eventual Sleeper
Mood & Energy: 5/10
We’ve have also got a couple on board to take part in the sleep focus group together. Meet Kayleigh and Ethan.
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Kayleigh’s poor sleep is due to her busy lifestyle. With not enough time to juggle studies, work and an active social life, she tries to prolong the days by cutting down on valuable sleep.
“I constantly have no energy because of how busy I am.”
Category: Erratic Sleeper
Mood & Energy: 4/10
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Ethan is constantly tired to a point when it’s starting to affect his mood and energy. When not working, he enjoys catching up with friends or spending time with his daughter. 

“I’m always so tired throughout the day.”
Category: Eventual Sleeper
Mood & Energy: 6/10
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Working 50-60 hours a week, Lamorna is constantly stressed and tired. When not at work, she is busy renovating her 4-bedroom house or looking after her two rescue dogs and the family cat. Her sleep issues started after the Christchurch earthquakes.
“I am lucky if I can stay asleep for 3 or 4 hours.”
Category: Eventual Sleeper
Mood & Energy: 3/10

A supportive community
Do you relate to any of these sleep issues? Sleep deprivation affects nearly 30% of our population and can have significant impacts on your health and performance, and most of all your quality of life.
Over the next few weeks you’ll be joining 7000 other sleep deprived Australians as we take on the 6 Week Sleep Challenge. Together with Dr Carmel, you’ll be receiving professional advice as we learn to sleep our way towards a happier and healthier life.

Join us as we explore ways to look, feel and perform better using the power of sleep!

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