When you woke up today, did you still feel tired? A study conducted by Central Queensland University in 2012 shows that 96% of the population are waking up feeling tired. This means you’re not alone if you feel like you are in a constant state of fatigue.
Getting a better night’s sleep begins with a few simple changes to your day. Our sleep experts at A.H. Beard have compiled their top five tips to help you shake the feeling of fatigue and get a better sleep.

1. Leave your phone and laptop outside the bedroom. Your bed is for sleeping, not entertainment.

2. Take one hour to relax and give yourself a buffer before bed to wind down. We find stretching or reading helps, but choose a relaxation technique that works for you.

3. Take your doona off the bed. Your temperature needs to be comfortable, especially in summer when it starts to get warm. Lightweight pyjama’s and bedding will stop you overheating, which is a top cause of restlessness.

4. Skip wine with dinner. Alcohol may help you to get off to sleep, but will disrupt your sleep during the night.

5. Try writing a to-do list. If it’s stress that’s keeping you up, then write a to-do list for tomorrow. It will help your mind switch off.

If you’d like more helpful tips we’d love you to join our free A.H Beard Six Week Sleep Challenge. By joining you can try tasks like these out, and even go in the running to win an A.H. Beard bed valued at $4,000.
We loved hearing from our Six Week Sleep Challenge participants, Kristine and Celia, who both show what can be achieved with a bit of sleep coaching.

“Amazing what a structured program with a bit of coaching can achieve!” – Kristine

“I’ve lost 4.5kg since I started the challenge. I am thinking more clearly throughout the day and I don’t get the afternoon tiredness that would usually occur.” – Celia

Join the free A.H Beard Six Week Sleep Challenge, and leave the feeling of fatigue behind.

Join us as we explore ways to look, feel and perform better using the power of sleep!

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