With the right amount of sleep each night, your kids focus more easily in the classroom and will be much less irritable during the daytime. However, it can be a struggle to get your children to actually get in bed and fall asleep. Whether it is a toddler or a teenager, your child needs your encouragement to establish good sleep habits.
To get you started in that process, we have come up with a few tips to help.
Establish a Regular Bed Time
When it comes to sleep, there is nothing more important for a child than a regular bedtime. By getting your child in the habit of going to sleep at the same time each night, you will get them in a consistent sleep cycle. This will help your child to get a refreshing night’s sleep and they will more likely wake up feeling energised, both physically and mentally.
Be Clear and Consistent
When it comes to bedtime rules, you should always be clear and stay consistent with your child. Allowing them to stay up past their bedtime should be a very special occasion. In order to help your child maintain their good sleep habits, you may have to be tough at times, but in the long term your child will benefit greatly from a good night’s sleep.
Power Down the Electronics
The LED light from electronic devices such as mobile phones, computers and television will make it more difficult for your children to fall asleep once they are in bed. Limit their usage of these devices in the evening and have them stop using them at least an hour before bed.
Develop a Bedtime Routine
Make sure to get your child into the habit of doing the same thing before bed each night. By having a set routine before bed, your child will begin to associate these activities with sleeping and this will help them understand that it is time for sleep. Try activities such as a bath, reading a book to them or listening to some relaxing music.
Leave Them Alone
Although it may be difficult to say no when your child asks you to stay by their side as they fall asleep, they will need to learn the importance of falling asleep on their own. You never want your child to reach the point where they become dependent on your presence to fall asleep. That being said, you do not need to ignore reasonable requests such as a glass of water or a trip to the bathroom.
Reward Your Child with Positive Reinforcement
If you are consistently having difficulty with your child following bedtime rules and routines, try using a reward system to encourage good sleep habits and behaviour. For example, when your child follows your bedtime rules, you can reward them with a point. Once they earn enough points, you can reward your child with some sort of small prize or privilege.
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