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Pregnancy, sleep and you – what’s normal?

Pregnancy, sleep and you – what’s normal?

For most women the expectation of a new baby is a time of giddy anticipation and happiness! Unfortunately this joy is sometimes marred by lack of sleep. Women can feel tired throughout pregnancy, but it is usually felt most strongly in the first and last trimester of...

How does your sleep position affect your health?

How does your sleep position affect your health?

We ran a poll over the last couple of weeks to discover how you sleep! The results are in and they’ve shown that stomach is the most common sleeping position at 50% closely followed by the right side at 26.9%. But which sleep position is the most beneficial to your...

Finding it hard to get your child to sleep? We can help!

Finding it hard to get your child to sleep? We can help!

You’ll find that the most common sleep problems you’ll encounter are caused by your child’s behaviour. These can include: Not wanting to get into their bed, and then not staying in their own bed Not settling into a peaceful sleep Waking up constantly throughout the...

5 ways our sleep changes with age

5 ways our sleep changes with age

The older we get, the less we sleep. Well, that might be a slight generalisation, but it’s certainly true from birth to early adulthood. As newborns, we require 16 to 20 hours of sleep per day (oh, those were the days!), until we reach the age of one, when our...

What Is Insomnia? And Could I Have It?

What Is Insomnia? And Could I Have It?

The word insomnia simply means no sleep - it comes from the Latin in (meaning no) and somnia (meaning sleep). There are numerous types and many causes of insomnia, but the primary characteristic is not that there is no sleep but rather a person with insomnia has...

Beauty sleep. Fact or fiction?

Beauty sleep. Fact or fiction?

Turns out, Sleeping Beauty was onto something! Many restorative and renewal processes take place while you sleep which are essential to your health and wellbeing. Lack of sleep inhibits these processes and can affect your health and your appearance. According to a...

Get Comfortable. Sleep Better.

Get Comfortable. Sleep Better.

Get Comfortable. Sleep Better Are you as comfortable in your bedroom as you could be? We have talked about the effect environmental factors such as light, noise, temperature have on sleep quality – but comfort also plays an important role. Considering we spend almost...

Create the ideal environment for sleep

Create the ideal environment for sleep

We spend one-third of our lives in the bedroom - and ideally, most of this time is spent sleeping.  But the reality is, our time is often spent lying awake trying to get to sleep. You may not even realise it, but some of the factors in your bedroom may be preventing...

This is by far the best mattress I have ever slept on. It was recommended to me by my sister as sleeping on this bed really helped with her back pain. And I can say that it has helped me immensely with my back issues. It is very comfortable and supportive.

Highly recommend this mattress


Central Queensland, via

Multiple purchases have been made, for both family and our rental property. A good night’s sleep is such a basic requirement for health and happiness. A good quality mattress is the foundation.

We will continue to be proud to buy Australian. Well made and THE BEST.


Sydney, via

The last bed we had for 12 years – a queen size A.H. Beard was great so we upgraded to a king size and are very happy with the Grand Harmony plush – great that they are made in Australia.


South Eastern NSW, via

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