This promotion has ended. The promotion dates were 9:00AM AEDT Tuesday 1 January 2019 to 11:59PM AEDT Monday 25 November 2019. Online claims closed 11:59PM AEDT Sunday 8 December 2019.

Congratulations to Kerry C. of West Gosford on winning the $50,000 major prize!

Congratulations also to our Better Sleep Pack Winners, listed below.

Wayne Duckworth
Susan Haigh
Elizabeth Petersen
Roslyn Ralph
Odilla Dias
Janelle Simpson
Louise Lockwood
Yvonne Smith
Philip Stephen
John Temple
Gary Faulks
Steve Wyatt

Stuart Hanson
Raymond D’Amato
Clare Besley
Glenda Johnson
Michelle Parkes
Mark Gett
Michael Lipan
Michael Rhodes
Miss Yuan
Peter Merchant
Andrea Davies
Vincent Lam

Josh Wilson
Johnathan Tierney
Robert De Rijcke
Larry Ford
Doug Moore
Rob Gilliland
Christopher Jones
Shelley Falconer
Sarah Blackman
Emma Debenham
Maryellen Byers
Sue Connor

Alischa Hermann
Deborah Garlick
Arthur Wicomb
Hannah Isamaela
Mark Scanlon
Greg Wilkinson
David Wallis
Patricia Adams
Vivienne Bottiani
Linda Lister
Danielle Slack
Korrin Marshall
Nina Milonjic

Carol Harford
Mark Jamieson
Gerard Llowarch
Ian McCullough
Jack Pinto
Yiqing Shen
Marion Neale
Terry Davis
Kathy Alderton
Holly Davey
Elissa Dargusch

Beverley McDougall
Joanne Thomson
Cheryl Hine
Jamie Debono

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