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The Smart sleep Technology Behind Every Great Night’s Sleep

The Smart Sleep Technology
Behind Every Great Night’s Sleep

Not sure how much sleep you’re actually getting? Monitor, track and analyse your sleep patterns with our innovative Smart Sleep Solutions tracking devices.

A.H. Beard Sleep Dot

SLEEP DOT Mini Sleep Tracker

The Sleep Dot monitors your sleep cycles, body movements and sleep quality and sends results straight to your smart phone.
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RestOn Sleep Tracker

RESTON Sleep Tracker

The RestOn Sleep Tracker accurately measures your heart and respiratory rate, sleep cycles, bedroom humidity, temperature, and body movement.
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ORB Smart Sleep Light

The ORB Smart Sleep Light helps you fall asleep easily and wake up naturally with soothing music and light.
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Your personal sleep consultant

The SleepNote App delivers personalised sleep analysis, tips and daily reminders directly to your smart phone. Pair with any of the A.H. Beard Sleep Technology devices to discover how well you sleep each night and what you can do to get the best sleep of your life.

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