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To live your best life, quality sleep is essential. Find out how you’re tracking – and get personalised tips on how to improve your slumber straight to your smart phone – with our Smart Sleep Solutions range.

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Understanding your sleep patterns is the first step to unlocking the secrets to better sleep. By monitoring your slumber, you’ll not only learn how much sleep you’re really getting, you’ll uncover how your lifestyle habits may be sabotaging your sleep efforts.

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Not sure how much sleep you’re actually getting? Monitor, track and analyse your sleep patterns with our innovative Smart Sleep Solutions tracking devices.

NOX Smart Sleep Light

Set the scene for a relaxing sleep with the Nox Smart Light, which produces soothing light and sounds to help you drift off.
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RESTON Sleep Tracker

The lightweight RestOn Sleep Tracker attaches to your mattress and delivers a comprehensive overview of your sleep habits to your smart phone.
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SLEEP DOT Mini Sleep Tracker

Attach the Sleep Dot Mini sleep tracker to your pillowcase and get your sleep results – and expert tips – sent to your smart phone.
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Your personal sleep consultant

It’s like having your very own sleep consultant in the palm of your hand. When used in conjunction with an A.H. Beard sleep tracking device, the Sleep CENTRAL app provides comprehensive, individual sleep analysis, reports, tips and personalised daily reminders. No more guessing – understand exactly what you need to do to achieve your best sleep!

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